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Interpersonal Heritage Interpretation Training with CIG Certificate

26 juin 2024 - 26 juil. 2024

  • 31jours
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  • 3participants

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Interpersonal Heritage Interpretation Training with CIG Certificate (Certified Interpreter Guide) This comprehensive course is designed to elevate your interpersonal interpretation skills within the field of heritage interpretation. Through a combination of theoretical concepts and practical applications, this course equips participants with the tools and techniques needed to excel in engaging with diverse audiences. From understanding communication dynamics to mastering the P.O.E.T.R.Y by NAI method for effective interpretation. During the course, participants learn how to develop and deliver purposeful, enjoyable, relevant, organized, and thematic programs and leave ready to facilitate meaningful experiences that inspire engagement with the world around us. The Interpretive Guide course is designed for experienced professionals who regularly run interpersonal interpretation programs and wish to improve their interpretive practice, as well as those entering the field looking to advance a career in heritage interpretation. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to expand your interpretive toolkit, this course offers a dynamic learning experience tailored to advance your career in heritage interpretation. Presentation Outline Instructions To complete the requirements of this course, you must prepare an outline for a 10-minute thematic presentation on a topic of your choice. Your outline must be turned in on the form provided by your instructor. Outlines include the following elements: 1. Your/Your organisation’s mission 2. Goal(s) 3. Objective(s) 4. Audience 5. Title 6. Theme 7. Introduction 8. Body (subthemes) 9. Conclusion 10. Resources needed Use a worksheet to develop your presentation outline. A clean copy of your outline will be turned in and evaluated along with your 10-minute presentation. Once completed course, continue using the presentation outline template for new programs.

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