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Coast of Normandy

Ensense was born in France as a result of an observation:


"We excel at offering original solutions based on experience and innovation, producing creative methods to enhance training, planning, and networking."


Little Story

The journey that led to the creation of our company dates back several decades, when our founders noticed a crucial lack of interpretive approach in France. Aware of the importance of these technics for the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, they committed to introducing these innovative methods to the French territory.


By working with passion and determination, they gradually raised awareness among local stakeholders about the importance of interpretation and contributed to the recognition of this field as a full-fledged professional discipline.

Collaborative Operational Excellence

Since then,Ensense has strived to support the professionalization of the French-speaking interpreting sector. We have worked closely with institutions, organizations and interpreting professionals to develop training programs, establish quality standards and promote best practices.

Today, we continue to be committed to promoting and perfecting the field of heritage interpretation French-speaking and international, by offering training, specialized consulting services and promoting the exchange of knowledge within our professional network.


Mission and vision

The mission of Ensense is to provide organisational support and encourage collaboration to contribute to the professional development of French-speaking heritage interpretation.


Our vision at Ensense is to become the essential reference in French-speaking heritage interpretation. We aspire to promote dynamic training and communities of passionate interpreters, actively collaborating to design unique and captivating interpretive programs, offering visitors an immersive and meaningful exploration of our heritage.



Seasoned heritage interpreter, with more than a decade of experience in showcasing historic sites and cultural monuments...



As an experienced trainer in the field, Reay strives to inspire and equip the next generation of heritage interpreters...



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